Smart Data Purging for SAP ERP

As data volumes increase, so does the necessity for effective data management. Smart Data Purging is our innovative solution designed to help you manage excessive historical data within your system. This product is tailored to purge unnecessary data, ultimately reducing the data volume and optimizing system performance. Unlike traditional data archiving, Smart Data Purging removes data without the need for archiving, ensuring an efficient and swift process. The tool can also manage time-sliced data deletion and allows for organizational element selection, offering enhanced flexibility and control over your data management. With Smart Data Purging, declutter your system and enjoy improved system performance.

Improved System Performance:

By reducing the volume of unnecessary historical data, your system operates more smoothly and quickly.

Efficient Data Management:

Avoids traditional archiving methods by removing data directly, saving time and resources.

Time-slice Purging:

Offers the ability to remove data based on specific time intervals, providing more flexibility and precision in data management.

Organizational Element Selection:

This allows you to select specific organizational elements for purging, ensuring only unwanted data is removed.

Decluttered System:

By removing unnecessary data, your system becomes less cluttered, making it easier to navigate and manage.