ArchiveHub's Legacy SAP and Non-SAP ERP Decommissioning Solution

ArchiveHub's SAP S/4HANA Archived Data Reporting

Benefits of Legacy ERP Decommissioning:

    • Legacy ERP Archiving – ArchiveHub allows you to retire SAP ECC and non-SAP ERP systems by smoothly extracting, archiving, and shutting down legacy environments. This minimizes business disruption and optimizes efficiency.
    • Intuitive User Experience – The modern Fiori-based UI makes it simple for users to access and interact with historical data from legacy systems. This boosts productivity as users can easily generate insights.
    • Flexible Deployment Options – ArchiveHub supports on-premise, cloud, and hybrid deployment models. You can choose what fits best based on your infrastructure needs and preferences.
    • Near Zero Maintenance – Once data is migrated to ArchiveHub, legacy ERP maintenance is minimized as patching and updates are handled automatically. This provides immediate ROI by reducing overhead costs. 
    • GDPR & CCPA Compliance – ArchiveHub has built-in features like retention policies and right to be forgotten requests that enable compliance with data privacy regulations. 
    • Ad-Hoc Reporting – Any user can instantly generate custom reports through the no-code query builder, democratizing access to legacy system data.
    • Inbuilt CMIS1.1 Content Server : Along with legacy ERP system, you can also bring all unstructured data such as attachments into ArchiveHub.

Benefits of Legacy ERP Decommissioning:

    • Data Reduction – Reduces data footprint in S/4HANA & ECC systems by archiving old/unused data: By archiving old or unused data from S/4HANA & ECC systems into standard SAP archive files (ADK), the data footprint in the SAP database is reduced. This improves SAP system performance.
    • Easy Access to Archived Data – Easy access to archived data without restoring: The Archive Data Reader allows users to easily view and analyze archived SAP documents like purchase orders, invoices, etc without having to restore the data back into S/4HANA & ECC. This improves productivity.
    • Native Support – Native support for attachments, document flow, change documents: The Archive Data Reader supports viewing attachments, document flow and change documents natively from the archived data. This provides a complete view of the document.
    • Fiori Interface – Standardized reporting interface: The Archive Data Reader provides a standardized Fiori launchpad for reporting on archived data from various SAP modules like FI, MM, SD etc. This simplifies user training and support. 
    • GDPR & Custom Archiving Object Support – Support for custom archiving objects: Along with standard SAP documents, custom archiving objects can also be displayed seamlessly in the Archive Data Reader. This extends the solution capabilities. 
    • No disruption to business – No disruption to existing S/4HANA & ECC systems: The Archive Data Reader works by reading SAP archive files. No modifications are needed to the existing S/4HANA & ECC systems. This reduces disruption.
    • Cost Effective : Cost-effective long-term access to data: The Archive Data Reader provides cost-effective long term access and reporting on archived SAP data, without having to maintain legacy ECC systems.

Why Choose ArchiveHub?

ArchiveHub is the premier solution for streamlining your legacy ERP systems and unlocking the value of your historical data. Here’s why:

Seamless Legacy ERP Archiving: Effortlessly retire outdated SAP ECC, non-SAP ERP systems, and even ancient versions like R/3, by smoothly extracting and archiving data. This reduces operational overhead and minimizes disruption.
User-Friendly Experience: ArchiveHub’s intuitive Fiori-based interface ensures your team can easily find and utilize historical data, boosting productivity and insight generation.
Flexible Deployment: Choose the model that suits you – on-premise, cloud, or hybrid. ArchiveHub adapts to your infrastructure.
Reduced Maintenance: ArchiveHub’s automated updates and patching significantly decrease the maintenance burden on your legacy systems, delivering immediate cost savings.
Compliance Confidence: Stay on top of data privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA with built-in retention management and right-to-be-forgotten tools.
Empowered Users: The no-code query builder allows anyone to create custom reports from legacy data, putting insights directly in the hands of those who need them.
Fiori Reports for ADK archived Data: ArchiveHub’s Native Fiori Reports are only one in the industry for reporting transactional data details for SAP ECC and S/4HANA

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