SAP NLS Implementation with SAP IQ

Overview of SAP NLS implementation with SAP IQ

Data Storage: SAP NLS with SAP IQ stores data that is not regularly accessed or required for immediate processing in a separate, compressed, and optimized columnar storage system. This helps reduce the amount of data stored in the primary (online) database, enhancing overall system performance.

Data Archiving: SAP NLS with SAP IQ works seamlessly with SAP’s Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) framework to archive data based on predefined retention rules and policies. The archived data is moved from the primary database to the near-line storage, ensuring that it remains accessible when needed while reducing the online data footprint.

Seamless Integration: SAP NLS with SAP IQ is fully integrated with SAP systems, enabling users to access and query near-line storage data directly from SAP applications without any additional tools or interfaces. This seamless integration ensures that users can access both online and near-line data with ease and minimal disruption.

Improved Performance: By offloading infrequently accessed data to SAP NLS with SAP IQ, organizations can improve the performance of their primary SAP systems. This results in faster query response times, reduced database backup times, and overall improved system efficiency.

Cost Savings: Implementing SAP NLS with SAP IQ can lead to significant cost savings by reducing storage requirements, lowering infrastructure and maintenance costs, and improving system performance.

In summary, SAP NLS implementation with SAP IQ provides organizations with an efficient and integrated solution for managing large volumes of data in their SAP systems. By offloading historical or infrequently accessed data to near-line storage, organizations can improve system performance, enhance data management, and reduce overall costs.

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