Legacy ERP Decommissioning Solution – On-premise (Standalone)

Legacy ERP Decommissioning Solution – On-premise

Explore a simple and powerful legacy transformation solution compatible with all ERP systems and databases

  • Carve out or complete legacy decommissioning with rapid deployment for both structured and unstructured data.
  • User friendly open UI5 interface with seamless access to legacy data and 100% accuracy.
  • 100+ pre built reports along with an Ad-Hoc Query builder that allows users to create their own reports on demand.
  • Flexible deployment options with cloud and on premise options.
  • Built-in content management solution powered by CMIS
  • Open source solution with lower licensing costs and unlimited user access

A complete approach to shutting down legacy systems and bringing the data from SAP and non-SAP software into a central place.

Gain cost savings and process efficiencies by archiving outdated data into open-source storage systems.