ArchiveHub's Legacy SAP and Non-SAP ERP Decommissioning Solution

ArchiveHub's SAP S/4HANA Archived Data Reporting


    • Legacy ERP Archiving – ArchiveHub allows you to retire SAP ECC and non-SAP ERP systems by smoothly extracting, archiving, and shutting down legacy environments. This minimizes business disruption and optimizes efficiency.
    • Intuitive User Experience – The modern Fiori-based UI makes it simple for users to access and interact with historical data from legacy systems. This boosts productivity as users can easily generate insights.
    • Flexible Deployment Options – ArchiveHub supports on-premise, cloud, and hybrid deployment models. You can choose what fits best based on your infrastructure needs and preferences.
    • Near Zero Maintenance – Once data is migrated to ArchiveHub, legacy ERP maintenance is minimized as patching and updates are handled automatically. This provides immediate ROI by reducing overhead costs. 
    • GDPR & CCPA Compliance – ArchiveHub has built-in features like retention policies and right to be forgotten requests that enable compliance with data privacy regulations. 
    • Ad-Hoc Reporting – Any user can instantly generate custom reports through the no-code query builder, democratizing access to legacy system data.
    • Inbuilt CMIS1.1 Content Server : Along with legacy ERP system, you can also bring all unstructured data such as attachments into ArchiveHub.


    • Delightful user experience for business users.
    • Comprehensive archiving solution for consultants.
    • Efficient data volume growth management for infrastructure and basis teams.
    • Reduced resident times of data in the database.
    • Happy SAP IT managers and CIOs.

Why Choose ArchiveHub?

Stand out from the competition with ArchiveHub’s native Fiori-based technology, more extensive support for archiving objects, and an emphasis on user experience. SAP-certified, ArchiveHub offers a light add-on for quick setup and a range of indexing options, including SAP IQ, SAP DataLake, and native indexing for non-HANA DBs.

Are you an SAP customer, facing data volume growth, S/4HANA conversion, SAP ILM, or other data archiving challenges? Choose ArchiveHub and experience the ultimate SAP data archiving solution today. Reach out to learn more and unlock the full potential of your SAP systems archived data.

Our Goal is to see… Happy SAP Business Users, Happy SAP Archiving Consultants, Happy Infra and Basis Teams – Experience ArchiveHub today!

Application Areas for Reporting

AM Asset Accounting
BC SAP NetWeaver
CO Controlling
FI Financial Accounting
GL General Ledger
HR Human Resources
IS Industry Solutions
MC Logistics Controlling
MM Materials Management
OC Office & Communication
PM Plant Maintenance
PP Production planning
PS Project System
QM Quality Management
SD Sales and Distribution
EC Enterprise Controlling
TR Treasury
CA General cross-application
CR Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
BW Business Information Warehouse (BW)
EB EBP (Enterprise Buyer Professional)
WM Warehouse Management
TM Transportation Management
XF Non-application-dependent from Financial Accounting

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